An Open Letter To Presley Passion (me)

This is one letter I never thought I’d write I feel so freaking awkward… But anyways I am just going to keep it 1000 with you Presley….


You got on a new journey, you finally accepted the challenge, am very proud of you for doing so, dude you actually stopped making excuses and you jumped balls deep into it, it’s really amazing to see a 15 YEAR OLD African– Irish Boy striving and working soo hard to get his message in front of one hundred million people… Dude I personally admire you and the type of goals you are setting for your self….

It’s also very enjoyable and inspiring to see you get vunerable about you growth and Addiction to Pornography and Masturbation… You are everything a leader has to be(in that aspect).

But the reason I write this letter isn’t to congratulate you our tell you how much of a great person you are

(Presley passion #day2ofhismission)

this letter is not to Praise you or to motivate you to keep doing what you are doing in fact at the rate you are going I wish never create any content, give speeches, coach people or whatever your “impact” mission is all about…. Dude in fact I feel very bad for the people you give advice to…heck men I feel sorry for you, cus you are helping people though a small group of people) get to their dreams and aspirations but just take a look at your own life Dude You can’t even keep a Promise to your own freaking self …. Bro that’s messed up if you ask me.

Presley Passion or should I say Presley Brian O. Eshun Godwin I know everything about you bro… I know you didn’t want to read or even write this letter but geuss what… You have just run out of your“ slacky” choices and decisions and from now on the only decisions you must make are the one that improve you… Regardless of how you feel about it…. You said you were going to work out twice everyday for the next hundred days

(Presley after the first workout of his Journey)

You also said you were going to read ten pages a day, you also said you were going to do everything thing you have been scared of doing and that includes telling Hillary how you truly felt about her , you also said you were going to finally give up Pornography and Masturbation for good in 100 days,you also said that you were going to Post one Video Everyday and make sure they Reach 10k peeps right?,

But Presley am only angry because you have done none of these things execpt working out properly and telling Hillary how you feel about her (must say bro that was awesome… Now both of you now know that you have loved each other for years ) congrats brah…

But dude you could have been very great by now if you did everything… I mean everything you said you’d do initially…. So I am writing this letter to let you know that you can be very successful if you do everything on your list….

So get out there

Post this blog post on your Facebook page share it with your friends and business partners…. Let your mama read this and find out about your addiction (which you have overcome in the last three days) and Hillary…

No more fear no more holding back…. Just do you You are only A Few Muves away from making life awesome for everyone.


This is my letter to myself and it’s so freaking motivating to me…

(Presley after the letter.)

Thanks so much for reading this letter

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How To Handle Temptations As A Believer.

You are reading this blog post because you have a nasty habit that keeps tempting you. And you must agree with me that 95% percent of the times that you viewed Pornography,were because of your inability to resist the temptation or the urge as the case may be.

But rest assured today is your lucky day, because you have come across the three things I did to overcome the temptation of pornography or MASTURBATION

  1. Use the Word of God:

    The Bible in the most inspirational and powerful book on Earth, simply reading two chapters of any book in the new testement will keep you far a away from Pornography or MASTURBATION, And to make this more effective try adding reading two chapters of the Bible into your morning, afternoon and evening routine. P.s I have been doing this for the past 9months and to be honest I haven’t only been kept away from Pornography and masturbation,but I have also been inspired by the bible i.e I have created some videos from the Bible 🤔.

  2. Be Mindful of the friends and thoughts you keep.

    This step is very important In other to avoid temptation you must put all erotic conversation and abstain from friends you dress imporally or touch you indiscriminately,make sure all the people you call you friends are setting you on 🔥💥 to break that habit

  3. Flee!! :

    Do not trust your self,put away any erotic media with the speed of light.Treat every Pornographic media as if it could kill, and never tell you self stuff like ‘i can handle this”

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Personal Branding

The Truth About Personal Branding.

we live In an era in which everybody has a message, everybody has a story, everybody has something tell humanity and it seems like we need to build the best brands for ourselves and we need to distinguish ourselves from the crowd because there is a lot of noise out there, there’s a lot of people out there. The truth about personal branding is that it is never easy and in order to gain outstanding results ,in order to stand out from the crowd and be the best and get more audiences than other people ever dreamt of you need to put enough time You need to put enough money and effort, it’s not just something that falls out of the sky its not just something that can happen over time it’s something that needs to be invested in something that time needs to be invested in,money and patience needs to be invested in it.

Personal branding is not hard if you have the right networks connecting with the right people should be the hard thing.

Once you have been able to find the right people once you have been able to find your niche and a targeted audience personal branding becomes simple ,personal branding becomes an easy deal ,but the problem is in reaching out to those people who are on the top of the niche ,the problem is in reaching out to those guys in which are like the top or the top on that business so the first secret should be to be so good that those guys can’t resist.

You need to dm them in a way that no one has ever done before you need to enter their groups in a way that no one has entered before you need to be different from any fun they have had from any person who has asked them any question you need to be different you need to find your own uniqueness in the crowd while trying to build a brand the secret that I have used to connect with the likes of caleb maddix joe ortega marshall Gillen is the fact that I was different and the fact that I came from a new perspective altogether, if you want to network with guys at the top and get your brand on fire ,get your brand on the move you need to come from a different angle in which others have not imagined others might be using the dm you can use the comments others might be using the comments you can use your stories or others can be using stuff like, liking pages, following, commenting on the first few seconds of an upload, you can do something different you can email them, you can join their groups, you can sign up for there free stuff, consultation calls, basically doing things that people have not thought of before doing things that people will not think of while trying to connect with them.

This will enable your brand to get to the next level and your brand will move faster than your competitors thereby making you one of the top guys.

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The way we should see Failure.

In regards to the way we see Failure, I believe that there has got to be a new prespective,I believe that we need to rewire our minds towards the word called Failure.

I strongly believe that thing we call Failure is actually a blessing in disguise, that so called Failure we run away from and do everything in our power to avoid is actually our teacher.

If not how do we explain the fact the it is only when we have experienced so called “failures” that we tend to adjust, reposition,learn and make positive changes, how else did the light bulbs that are over our heads come to existence, without this so called Failure?

Or is it Elon musk?, the man I refer to as the mordern day Thomas Edison; how else was he able to lunch SpaceX??.

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How to Make money Faster.

This is probably going to be the shortest post am making, but believe me when I say that the reason why you clicked on this blog post is inside the video below.

What if I could tell you that the secret to you finical freedom is inside of a less than two minutes video.

“Honestly speaking if I were you I would click on the video below. 


How to break Any Habit

If you’re reading this post that’s because you have a nasty habit that is consuming your life and making you Less, productive, Trust me I Know How It Feels Like, I was once in Your Shoes in Fact I Know exactly What You have And what You Are Currently Going Through.

In My Case I Was Addicted To Ponorgrahy And Masturbation (Which I find Pretty disturbing to share with anyone especially on Video, P.s that’s one of the reasons why I created this blog; so that I can share with you guys the things that I can’t say on video, Although I am currently free from the sackles of pornography and Masturbation.)

And in this post I am going to share with you guys the Ten simple methods I used to Destroy the Grip of Porn From My Life.

The following steps can be Used to Eliminate any Bad Habit if Applied correctly but before I list out these steps/methods I will like you to know A few Things About Habits.

Facts To Know About Habits.

  • Habit is an acquired behavioral pattern regularly followed until it has become an involuntary action.

• Good and bad habits are formable and stoppable.

Habits are not beyond your control;you can control them but if you keep on moving with the mentality that Habits are beyond your control then it will be so,proper knowledge and a strong mindset will give you the upper hand against any habit.

•They are direct products of the choices we make on daily basis.

•Habits are formed from personal thoughts or words from others.

•Habits live beyond you; They transcend your generations.



In this post we shall focus on Bad Habits.

The following Are some Bad Habits.

  • Fraud
  • Alcoholism
  • Smoking
  • Talkativeness
  • Pornography
  • Lesbianism
  • Homosexuality
  • Masturbation
  • Pimps
  • Premarital deceptions
  • Malice
  • Lies
  • Fornication
  • Insolence
  • Imorality
  • Imporper dressing.

You may find that most of the behaviors listed above can only generate a temporal pleasure but an internal discomfort, the above can cause you an unproductive and unhappy life when translated into habits.

I personally can testify that during my days of begin a slave to Pornography and Masturbation, my life was a complete Failure and an absolute mess, I became very unstable and eventually my concertration in school and I my Career was divided, but I thank God that today I am on a different Page. And I must testify, ever since I embarked on my Bold Mission by creating a YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram page,and a blog,.i have never experienced so much favour and fufilment.

Remedy For Bad Habits.

1 Identity and agree that you have a bad habit that needs fixing.

2 Stop and think.

3 Develop a strong hate for that habit.

4 Change from wrong friends

5Make sure you take a violent stand.

6 Be determined to let go.

7 Ask For help (from the holy Spirit)

8You must be born again.

9 Prayers

10 faith.

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The Power of Mental Conditioning.

Our mental conditioning determines our success or failure. You have to train to become what you want to be. The reason soldiers are sent to boot camp is to get them to stop thinking like civilians and start thinking like professional military minds. In Boot camp, they are isolated from their families and friends and the rest of society so that they can focus on their new mindset.

Similarly, when you want to change your mental attitude about leadership, you have to train yourself. You will find that the power of mental conditioning will sustain you and give you the internal fortitude to overcome incredible odds. Our beliefs are housed in our hearts, but they manifest themselves as we experience various circumstances. The level of your mental conditioning dictates your response to life, to issues, to circumstances, to creation, to your work. This is why one of the most powerful things you possess on earth is your mental attitude. As you take in the thought of the creator through the through prayer and reading the bible, their spirit “downloads” these truths to your heart so that your mind is trying to rely on his thoughts and not your former distorted ideas about life.

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Don’t Blend In Let Your Light Shine.

Maybe you are on of those people who doesn’t have any friends, family, community, or any sort of group you can fit into.

This video covers a wide variety of this kind of issues, if you feel lost and you think you can’t handle the pressure of being, socaily isolated, well good news, because this video is just what you need.

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Eight Things The Best Talkers Have In Common.

Most successful people are successful talkers, not surprisingly, the reverse is also true. If you have developed the ability to talk well, you will be successful.

In the morden wolrd if you know the right way to get your message across then you will be guaranteed of making sales, building businesses, building communities and impacting millions below eight things the best Talkers have in common.

1• They look at things from a new angle.

2•They have broad horizons. They think and talk about and a wide range of issues and experiences beyond their own daily lives.

3•They do not talk about themselves all the time rather they are more interested in your story they’re more interested in knowing more about a person they are talking with or speaking to.

4 They are enthusiastic, displaying a passion for what they are doing with their lives and an interest in what you are saying to them at that moment.

5•They are curious. They asked why quran quote? They want to know more about what you are telling them

6 . They try to put themselves in your place, to relate to what you are saying.

7 they have a sense of humour. And they don’t mind using it on themselves. In fact, the best conversationalist frequently tell stories on themselves

8 They have their own style of talking.


Top Ten Most Amazing Motivational Videos On YouTube || Must whact 2018

So I was checking out on YouTube, checking in on facebook and other social media and I came across the 10 most inspiring and motivational videos in history of 2018 guys these are the best videos you can ever watch the best videos that can change your mindset change and make you more positive make you angry and take action in your life so without further adieu let us go into the list of the 10 most motivational videos ranking from the 10th

10• No Excuses – By Ben Lionel

Scott. For some of you this video is going to make you feel insulted, angry, pissed or even dissed, but hey I feel that this video is the one you have been looking for– that is if you are lazy and full of excuses, this video will literally pump you up and make you never want to stop working Hard.

I personally will suggest this video for people who are always running around with ‘pity stories’ and ‘pity parades’ called Excuses.

9• The MINDSET OF High Achievers

BY Be Inspired;

“Don’t just aspire to make a living- aspire to make a difference”– Denzel washington. Gosh this video is on fire it is literally one of the most amazing videos out there although compared to the videos are on on this list it ranks number 9 but it’s really powerful for your mindset, it is going to build something cool in your head is going to make you want to achieve success and clear all doubts about your goals,so if you are one of the people that think you’re not good enough and you can achieve most things you have written I suggest you watch this with you because it’s going to really change your mindset.check it out.

•8Consistent – By Ben Lionel Scott.

Alright guys I must comment on this video the first day I watched video I literally started screaming and going to bust my ass with hard work and seriously this video is really going to spark a lot of things in your head I got to give the credit to ben Lionel Scott ,that guy is really good he’s channel is really on fire his producing the most of the best content out there but videos on this list are going to be better but I advice you guys check it out whether it’s in your niche or not just go check that video because it’s really really important it covers all areas of motivation covers all areas of specialisation check out that video now by clicking on consistent 🖕🖕.

•7What Netflix Taught Me About Life –

BY DAVIS Peter/ Goal cast

If indecisiveness is something you’re struggling with then I would recommend that you see this video its really important , inspirational and very impactful but only if you pay very close attention so go ahead and click on the title of this video,plug in some headphones and enjoy.

•6 Think About How Much You Can Do In 30 Years BY GARY VEE.


•5 A Message To The HopeLess By Legendary Jay

To be completely honest guys this video is what it is(what do I mean)it was created by a friend of mine and boy I got to addmit it awesome check out the video if you need to boost your hope.

•4 Please don’t kill Yourself By Clayton Jennings.


‘ if you are one of those people that thinks that this is the end of your rope, this is the end of life you got nothing to live for then you should definitely watch this video is going to restore your hope, it was made by an anointed man of God and anointed preacher clinton jennings I really respect this guy this video’s on fire you should check it out

•3 Hustle Vlog 3 By Mary obasi.

OMG this video left me pumped and kinda challenged, to see a 24 year old risk everything in order to pursue her passion, guys you need to see the content, she will leave you inspired and read to hustle.




•2 Hard work by Caleb maddix.

Guys am sure you knew that this list wasn’t going to end without news from my Mentor, This Video Should Have been the Most Motivational Video on the list Just That…

Check out this video and be speechless

•1When They Turn Their Backs By PRESLEY PASSION.

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